50 & 100 Yard Rifle Range

50/100 Yard Rifle
50 & 100 Yard Target Lines

100 & 200 Yard Rifle Range

100/200 Yard Rifle
100/200 Yard Rifle Target Lines

Sign In and Prepare a Target

Be sure to sign the Waiver and Released From Liability Form.
Select a target backer and tape the target to the backer.

Sign Waiver & Select a target backer
Tape the target to the Backer

Place your target on the target line

When the range has been declared safe, take your target and place it on your desired target line. Be sure to use the target position corresponding with your bench number.

Target in proper positin
Place target into pipes behind the railroad tie.

When you are done shooting, when the range is clear and safe, remover your target backer from the target position, remove your paper target from the backer, and return the backer to the shed between the 50/100- and 100/200-yard firing lines. Throw all trash into the trash recepticals.