History of Fall River Gun Club

A short story of how the gun range developed here in Fall River County
For a number of years a small group of men worked to bring a shooting range to Fall River County, but, they needed to begin a club with real membership first. Thus, the Fall River Gun Club was born. Through the persistence and determination of those men and their successors, and their membership, the SD Game, Fish & Parks offered a 160 acre parcel of land, to be used as a gun range for the regions shooters. It needed however, a group of caretakers and operators, enter the Fall River Gun Club and it's members. After many months of negotiations and discussions, the concept broke into reality. A land swap transpired , the 160 for a similar size parcel with a nearby landowner, Tom Conger, Tom's land parcel offered a natural shooting environment. From these beginning steps, slowly the gun range emerged and is currently under construction.
We are all very proud of the partnership between the Fall River Gun Club and the South Dakota Game, Fish, & Parks folks. They and We have worked hard for the enjoyment of all the people in the region. A lasting legacy for our children and young people to enjoy long after we are gone.
We invite all of you to come shoot, bring your Families and Friends, make new friendships and enjoy new ideas and the Sport of Shooting together.

WE at the Fall River Gun Club are committed to keeping a safety record unparalleled by any other sports shooting facility. 

WE ask those who utilize the shooting range to be consciously aware of the rules and regulations stated on signs as you approach the range. 

WE will do our part in keeping all participants safe and see to their needs as best we can out on the firing lines and behind it. 

WE ask you to do your part in the most important role of gun safety and enjoying the sport of shooting as well. 

Thank you on behalf of the members of the Fall River Gun Club.

2019-20 Board

Other Board Members  

Jack Douthit -  Dan Harley - Ron Richards - Gary Owens

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